Loris Fichera

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An experiment was conducted to assess the effects of a real-life stressor (public speaking) upon cardiovascular reactivity (CVR). Changes in blood pressure and heart rate from baseline to task were measured in a sample of 86 men and women. The purpose was to examine the effects of individual differences (Type A personality, hostility and gender) on CVR.(More)
An experiment was conducted to investigate the relationships among Type A behavior, hostility and cardiovascular reactivity (CVR) in women. Changes in heart rate, blood pressure and skin conductance from baseline to task levels were used to assess reactivity. These measures were obtained from 96 women during a seated baseline period, a reaction time task(More)
This paper presents an approach to determine a model of superficial tissue temperature dynamics during continuous wave CO $$_2$$ 2 laser irradiation. The main contribution of this research is the use of real data to model the thermal state of targets being irradiated with surgical laser, using statistical learning methods. To the best of our knowledge this(More)
—This paper presents a novel technique for the support of declarative constructs of AgentSpeak in a imperative language. Starting from an analysis of the characteristics and semantics of AgentSpeak, as well as the requirements of an AgentSpeak implementation, the paper proposes a framework which, by exploiting object-orientation and operator overloading ,(More)
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