Loris Degioanni

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The capacity of today's network links, along with the heterogeneity of their traffic, is rapidly growing, more than the workstation's processing power. This makes the task of measuring traffic more problematic every day, especially when off-the-shelf hardware is used. A general solution adopted by the computer industry to achieve better performance is to(More)
A challenge facing network device designers, besides increasing the speed of network gear, is improving its programmability in order to simplify the implementation of new applications (see for example, active networks, content networking, etc). This paper presents our work on designing and implementing a virtual network processor, called NetVM, which has an(More)
A large set of tools for network monitoring and accounting, security, traffic analysis and prediction — more broadly, for network operation and management — require direct and efficient real-time access to data traveling on the network. Software tools are often preferred because of their low cost and high versatility. However, these tools are often(More)
Traffic monitoring and analysis based on general purpose systems with high speed interfaces, such as Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet, requires carefully designed software in order to achieve the needed performance. One approach to attain such a performance relies on deploying multiple processors. This work analyses some general issues in(More)
This paper provides a comparative evaluation of a number of known classification algorithms that have been considered for both software and hardware implementation. Differently from other sources, the comparison has been carried out on implementations based on the same principles and design choices. Performance measurements are obtained by feeding the(More)
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