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A multiparty session forms a unit of structured interactions among many participants which follow a prescribed scenario specified as a global type signature. This paper develops, besides a more traditional communication type system, a novel static interaction type system for global progress in dynamically interleaved multiparty sessions.
The goal of automatic program repair is to identify a set of syntactic changes that can turn a program that is incorrect with respect to a given specification into a correct one. Existing program repair techniques typically aim to find any program that meets the given specification. Such " best-effort " strategies can end up generating a program that is(More)
We propose a deterministic model for associating costs with strings that is parameterized by operations of interest (such as addition, scaling, and minimum), a notion of regularity that provides a yardstick to measure expressiveness, and study decision problems and theoretical properties of resulting classes of cost functions. Our definition of regularity(More)
Symbolic Automata extend classical automata by using symbolic alphabets instead of finite ones. Most of the classical automata algorithms rely on the alphabet being finite, and generalizing them to the symbolic setting is not a trivial task. In this paper we study the problem of minimizing symbolic automata. We formally define and prove the basic properties(More)
One challenge in making online education more effective is to develop automatic grading software that can provide meaningful feedback. This paper provides a solution to automatic grading of the standard computation-theory problem that asks a student to construct a deterministic finite automaton (DFA) from the given description of its language. We focus on(More)
Theory of tree transducers provides a foundation for understanding expressiveness and complexity of analysis problems for specification languages for transforming hierarchically structured data such as XML documents. We introduce streaming tree transducers as an analyzable, executable, and expressive model for transforming unranked ordered trees (and(More)
While Complex Event Processing (CEP) constitutes a considerable portion of the so-called Big Data analytics, current CEP systems can only process data having a simple structure, and are otherwise limited in their ability to efficiently support complex continuous queries on structured or semistructured information. However, XML-like streams represent a very(More)
—Rapidly processing text data is critical for many technical and business applications. Traditional software-based tools for processing large text corpora use memory bandwidth inefficiently due to software overheads and thus fall far short of peak scan rates possible on modern memory systems. Prior hardware designs generally target I/O rather than memory(More)
We introduce Symbolic Alternating Finite Automata (S-AFA) as an expressive, succinct, and decidable model for describing sets of finite sequences over arbitrary alphabets. Boolean operations over S-AFAs have linear complexity, which is in sharp contrast with the quadratic cost of intersection and union for non-alternating symbolic automata. Due to this(More)
The purpose of the current study was to compare right ventricular (RV) myocardial wall velocities (tissue Doppler imaging) and strain rate imaging (SRI) parameters with conventional echocardiographic indices evaluating RV function in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients. In total, 39 patients with COPD and 22 healthy subjects were included(More)