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City logistics is a discipline specialized to cope with the sustainability problems encountered in urban freight transport. A key characteristic of it is the heterogeneity of the stakeholders involved. Besides the traditional logistics actors such as shippers, carriers and receivers that share consistent interests (i.e. price and quality), city logistics(More)
AND KEYWORDS Abstract This paper develops a strategic perspective for business to address persistent sustainability issues by contributing to the innovation of societal systems. Sustainability issues at the level of societal sectors or domains cannot be addressed by single organizations but require co-evolutionary changes in technology, economy, culture and(More)
The strategic supplier-related activity of supplier segmentation focuses on the evaluation of suppliers, identifying different approaches, identifying the most suitable criteria and proper methods to segment the suppliers. The main aim of the evaluation of suppliers is to form different groups from the selected suppliers to create different supplier(More)
Keywords: Supplier selection Airline industry Retail Conjunctive screening method Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) a b s t r a c t Since a company can only perform as well as it is allowed to by its suppliers, the importance of supplier selection in supply chain management has been increasingly recognized. Supplier selection can best be described as a(More)
The past decade has seen many new freight transport models for use in transport planning by public authorities. Some of these models have developed new concepts, such as logistics modules, inclusion of transshipments, storage and sourcing and the determination of shipment size. This paper provides a review of the European literature on freight transport(More)
In the past decade, there has been an increasing interest in green supply chainmanagement, which integrates environmental thinking into supply chain management. Assessing a supplier’s potential for improvement is very important when an organization wants to achieve certain environmental targets concerning their supply base, taking into account the limited(More)
In a big city like Shanghai and Paris, the daily demand for urban freight distribution is huge, especially in today's e-commerce era. This huge demand together with the rapid increase of private cars leads to traffic congestion, air pollution, and excessive energy consumption. Optimizing the logistics network and reducing the number of vehicles circulating(More)
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