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Closed head injuries (CHI) may produce permanent, disabling changes in cognitive functions and social behaviour. Recent clinical case reports have suggested that stimulant medications may improve neurobehavioural functioning in CHI patients. In the present study, we evaluated the effects of methylphenidate (0.3 mg/kg b.i.d.) in 12 chronic CHI patients (14(More)
Over a recent three year period, approximately 600 individuals responded to newspaper advertisements for research studies requiring healthy, cocaine using subjects. These subjects were screened using a standard phone interview in order to eliminate individuals with known medical or psychiatric illnesses that would exclude them from ongoing neuroimaging(More)
Beliefs about the perceived health benefits of exercise of 24 elite runners were compared on an objective measure of risk for coronary heart disease. Results showed a 4- to 6-fold increase in estimates of perceived risk as compared to the objective estimate of risk, suggesting that these runners held somewhat exaggerated beliefs about the health benefits of(More)
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