Lori Sandberg

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We present a technique to locally and rapidly heat water drops in microfluidic devices with microwave dielectric heating. Water absorbs microwave power more efficiently than polymers, glass, and oils due to its permanent molecular dipole moment that has large dielectric loss at GHz frequencies. The relevant heat capacity of the system is a single thermally(More)
A simple model for electrostatic interactions in proteins, based on a distance and position dependent screening of the electrostatic potential, is presented. It is applied in conjunction with a Monte Carlo algorithm to calculate pK(alpha) values of ionizable groups in proteins. The purpose is to furnish a simple, fast, and sufficiently accurate model to be(More)
Electrostatic calculations of pK(a-values) are reported along a 400 ps molecular dynamics trajectory of bacteriorhodopsin. The sensitivity of calculated pK(a) values to a number of structural factors and factors related to the modelling of the electrostatics are also studied. The results are very sensitive to the choice of internal dielectric constant of(More)
STREAMLINE Phenyl is a new hydrophobic interaction chromatography support designed for use in expanded bed adsorption. The phenyl groups are linked to STREAMLINE matrix via highly stable ether linkages. Within this development project the chemical and chromatographic stability as well as the breakthrough capacity for human IgG has been studied. The chemical(More)
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