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homogeneous yield-limiting factors, for which a single rate of a specific crop input is appropriate (Doerge, 1999). The spatial variation of productivity across farm fields can be classiVarious techniques of delineating management zones fied by delineating site-specific management zones. Since productivity are currently being investigated in different parts(More)
Proof. Comparing the definitions of 2(E’) and (E’), this follows from five facts: (1) If p is the norm on E, then p0 is the norm on E’; (2) if E is separable, so is E’ [8, p. 259]; (3) for a separable Banach space scalar measurability is the same as measurability [1, p. 181]; (4) considering E’ as a Banach space, 2 (E’) 0 (E’) [9]; (5) if two measurable(More)
On a weighted graph G, a total acquisition move transfers weight from a vertex u to a neighbor v provided that the weight on v is at least as much as the weight on u. Starting with all vertices having weight 1, the total acquisition number of G, denoted at(G), is the minimum number of vertices with positive weight after a sequence of total acquisition(More)
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