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Studies have shown that good comments can help programmers quickly understand what a method does, aiding program comprehension and software maintenance. Unfortunately, few software projects adequately comment the code. One way to overcome the lack of human-written summary comments, and guard against obsolete comments, is to automatically generate them. In(More)
As software systems continue to grow and evolve, locating code for maintenance and reuse tasks becomes increasingly difficult. Existing static code search techniques using natural language queries provide little support to help developers determine whether search results are relevant, and few recommend alternative words to help developers reformulate poor(More)
User-session-based testing of web applications gathers user sessions to create and continually update test suites based on real user input in the field. To support this approach during maintenance and beta testing phases, we have built an automated framework for testing web-based software that focuses on scalability and evolving the test suite automatically(More)
Software change impact analysis is the process of determining the potential effects, or impacts, of a change to a program. Strategies for impact analysis vary in their approach toward the opposing goals of high precision and low analysis time. Fine-grained techniques, such as slicing, can be used to gain very precise knowledge of a change's impact , but may(More)
Goal: Compare the cost effectiveness of reduction techniques for Web application test suites  Reducing using concept analysis is a promising, cost-effective technique • reduces suite to size similar to requirements-based approaches • reduced suites have similar coverage, fault detection without overhead of requirements mapping  Bookstore • Open-source,(More)
Most current software systems contain undocumented high-level ideas implemented across multiple files and modules. When developers perform program maintenance tasks, they often waste time and effort locating and understanding these scattered concerns. We have developed a semi-automated concern location and comprehension tool, Find-Concept, designed to(More)
The continuous use of the web for daily operations by businesses, consumers, and the government has created a great demand for reliable web applications. One promising approach to testing the functionality of web applications leverages user-session data collected by web servers. User-session-based testing automatically generates test cases based on real(More)
The Message Passing Interface MPI has been widely used to develop eecient and portable parallel programs for distributed memory multiprocessors and workstationnPC clusters. In this paper, we present an algorithm for building a program ow graph representation of an MPI program. As an extension of the control ow graph representation of sequential codes, this(More)
One approach to easing program comprehension is to reduce the amount of code that a developer has to read. Describing the high level abstract algorithmic actions associated with code fragments using succinct natural language phrases potentially enables a newcomer to focus on fewer and more abstract concepts when trying to understand a given method.(More)