Lori L Jennings

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Age-related frailty may be due to decreased skeletal muscle regeneration. The role of TGF-β molecules myostatin and GDF11 in regeneration is unclear. Recent studies showed an age-related decrease in GDF11 and that GDF11 treatment improves muscle regeneration, which were contrary to prior studies. We now show that these recent claims are not reproducible and(More)
Mature female cats of known reproductive history were randomly divided into groups for natural breeding or mating following hormonal induction of estrus. Treatment with a single injection of 100 international units of pregnant mares' serum followed in 7 days by 50 international units of human chorionic gonadotropin produced results comparable to natural(More)
In the oestrous female cat, fertilization can take place when spermatozoa are introduced into the vagina up to 49 hr after an ovulation-inducing injection of human chorionic gonadotrophin. The spermatozoa require residence in the female reproductive tract before they are capable of fertilizing the eggs in vitro. No eggs were fertilized by freshly ejaculated(More)
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