Lori Kelleher

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Information was sought on the relative extent to which transport-defective, methotrexate-resistant phenotypes emerge among the total subpopulation of resistant phenotypes during therapeutic challenge of leukemic cells in vivo. A number of monoclonal methotrexate-resistant sublines of the L1210 leukemia were derived during methotrexate therapy of leukemic(More)
Type 3c diabetes mellitus (T3cDM), also known as pancreatogenic diabetes, refers to diabetes caused by disease of the exocrine pancreas. T3cDM is not commonly recognised by clinicians and frequently it is misclassified as T1DM, or more commonly, T2DM. T3cDM can be difficult to distinguish from T1DM and T2DM, and it often co-exists with the latter. The aim(More)
A brief overview regarding the quality control testing of the Sabin oral polio vaccine is provided. Product testing procedures and specifications are established through product license agreements between the vaccine manufacturer and the FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. The manufacture and testing of ORIMUNE is a multi-stage process that is(More)
The M5076 murine "ovarian" tumor which is naturally refractive to methotrexate was found to be highly responsive to the lipophilic antifolate, metoprine. M5076 cells were markedly deficient in mediated entry of methotrexate. This was in contrast to the L1210 leukemia, a tumor highly responsive to methotrexate but poorly responsive to metoprine. Two L1210(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the associations between the suppression of HIV-1 long terminal repeat (LTR)-mediated gene expression by CD8+ T-cell supernatants and clinical correlates of well-being, including CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell counts, beta-chemokine production and clinical stage of disease. METHODS Culture supernatants of activated CD8+ T cells derived from(More)
The challenges of how to manage healthcare and achieve clinical integration in today's payment setting has become a national concern. The use of technology to help ensure healthcare quality and control cost is an ongoing research subject. Business intelligence solutions are used in many industries to garner insight from financial and operational data to(More)
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