Lori Jane Curtis

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Often undetected and poorly managed, maternal depression and child adjustment problems are common health problems and impose significant burden to society. Studies show evidence of mutual influences on maternal and child functioning, whereby depression in mothers increases risk of emotional and behavioral problems in children and vice versa. Biological(More)
Examined the mutual influence on maternal depressive symptoms and child adjustment problems and their antecedent-consequence conditions across 3 cycles of panel data collected over a 4-year period in the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY). Results indicated stability in, and relations between, maternal and child outcomes.(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether long work hours act as a barrier to accessing general practitioner (GP) services. DATA SOURCES Secondary data from the 1996/1997 National Population Health Survey (NPHS) and administrative health services utilization data from four Canadian provinces. STUDY DESIGN This study was cross-sectional, however, employment variables(More)
Examined temporal relations between maternal mood and disruptive child behaviour using daily assessments of 30 mother-child dyads carried out over 8 consecutive weeks (623 pooled observations). Pooled time-series analyses showed synchronous fluctuation in child behaviour and maternal distress. Time-lagged models showed temporal relations between maternal(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Hospital malnutrition has been established as a critical, prevalent, and costly problem in many countries. Many cost studies are limited due to study population or cost data used. The aims of this study were to determine: the relationship between malnutrition and hospital costs; the influence of confounders on, and the drivers (medical or(More)
BACKGROUND A mounting body of evidence indicates that lone mothers and their children are at higher risk of a variety of health problems. The dynamics of the relationship between social assistance, poverty and health are not well understood, and the study of this population presents substantial challenges. The purpose of this paper is to present an analysis(More)
BACKGROUND Staff play key roles in the prevention, detection, and treatment of hospital malnutrition. Understanding staff knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) is important for developing and evaluating change management strategies. METHODS The More-2-Eat project improved nutrition care in 5 Canadian hospitals by implementing the Integrated Nutrition(More)
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