Lori Elizabeth Dodd

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BACKGROUND Tuberculosis immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS) is a common cause of deterioration in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients receiving tuberculosis treatment after starting antiretroviral therapy (ART). Potentially life-threatening neurological involvement occurs frequently and has been suggested as a reason to defer(More)
Confirming the diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis is a major challenge. However, research on childhood tuberculosis as it relates to better diagnostics is often neglected because of technical difficulties, such as the slow growth in culture, the difficulty of obtaining specimens, and the diverse and relatively nonspecific clinical presentation of(More)
We are often interested in estimating sensitivity and specificity of a group of raters or a set of new diagnostic tests in situations in which gold standard evaluation is expensive or invasive. Numerous authors have proposed latent modeling approaches for estimating diagnostic error without a gold standard. Albert and Dodd showed that, when modeling without(More)
BACKGROUND Tuberculosis remains an important health concern in many countries. The aim of this study was to identify predictors of unfavorable outcomes at the end of treatment (EOT) and at the end of study (EOS; 40 months after EOT) in South Korea. METHODS New or previously treated tuberculosis patients were recruited into a prospective observational(More)
Long-term linezolid use is limited by mitochondrial toxicity-associated adverse events (AEs). Within a prospective, randomized controlled trial of linezolid to treat chronic extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, we serially monitored the translational competence of mitochondria isolated from peripheral blood of participants by determining the cytochrome(More)
As progression-free survival (PFS) has become increasingly used as the primary endpoint in oncology phase III trials, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has generally required a complete-case blinded independent central review (BICR) of PFS to assess and reduce potential bias in the investigator or local site evaluation. However, recent(More)
Progression-free survival (PFS) is frequently used as the primary efficacy endpoint in the evaluation of cancer treatment that is considered for marketing approval. Missing or incomplete data problems become more acute with a PFS endpoint (compared with overall survival). In a given clinical trial, it is common to observe incomplete data due to premature(More)
INTRODUCTION Biomarkers are needed to monitor tuberculosis (TB) treatment and predict treatment outcomes. We evaluated the Xpert MTB/RIF (Xpert) assay as a biomarker for TB treatment during and at the end of the 24 weeks therapy. METHODS Sputum from 108 HIV-negative, culture-positive pulmonary TB patients was analyzed using Xpert at time points before and(More)