Lori Dawn Horb

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During embryogenesis, the pancreas develops from separate dorsal and ventral buds, which fuse to form the mature pancreas. Little is known about the functional differences between these two buds or the relative contribution of cells derived from each region to the pancreas after fusion. To follow the fate of dorsal or ventral bud derived cells in the(More)
Developmental control of proliferation relies on tight regulation of protein expression. Although this has been well studied in early embryogenesis, how the cell cycle is regulated during organogenesis is not well understood. Bruno-Like RNA binding proteins bind to consensus sequences in the 3'UTR of specific mRNAs and repress protein translation, but much(More)
In mammals, it has been well established that gastrointestinal and pancreatic endocrine cells are specified by a cascade of different transcription factors, but whether these same pathways (or linear relationships) operate in Xenopus is currently unknown. We recently identified the endocrine-specific zinc finger transcription factor insulinoma associated(More)
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