Lori Ann Birder

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P. Abrams , K.E. Andersson, L. Birder, L. Brubaker, L. Cardozo, C. Chapple, A. Cottenden, W. Davila, D. de Ridder, R. Dmochowski, M. Drake, C. DuBeau, C. Fry, P. Hanno, J. Hay Smith, S. Herschorn, G.(More)
The urinary bladder "mucosa" or innermost portion of the bladder is composed of transitional epithelium, basement membrane, and the lamina propria. This chapter reviews the specialized anatomy of the(More)
The ion channel transient receptor potential vanilloid (TRPV) 4 can be activated by hypo-osmolarity, heat, or certain lipid compounds. Here, we demonstrate expression of functional TRPV4 protein in(More)