Lori Ada Kilty

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We examined the influence of glucocorticoid hormones on the proliferation of cultured adult bovine aortic smooth muscle cells (BASM) using both primary mass cultures and a cloned strain. Cloned BASM cells maintained on plastic culture dishes were inhibited by approximately 40% by dexamethasone treatment but showed no inhibition when grown of homologous(More)
Primary mass cultures and cloned strains of bovine aortic endothelial and smooth muscle cells were investigated with respect to their growth responses to glucocorticoid hormones. The growth of primary endothelial cells was not influenced by glucocorticoid treatment in the absence of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) but was inhibited by about 30% in the(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the incidence of postoperative glaucoma in children who have cataract extraction and posterior chamber intraocular lens (IOL) implantation. SETTING Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. METHODS The incidence of glaucoma of all etiologies was evaluated in 45 eyes of 37 selected consecutive patients aged 1(More)
The consultative document, 'Our Healthier Nation' (Department of Health, 1998a), outlined areas for health improvement, and offers health professionals an opportunity to use the Government's programme to raise breast-feeding rates. This article reports the results of an audit to establish local breast-feeding prevalence rates in south Leicestershire, and(More)
Microsoft has a 10+ year history with the application of gamification techniques to help crowd source quality related efforts. While this paper includes a brief review of previously published material about past success stories and lessons learned, the focus is on an autumn 2014 project designed to encourage employees to respond to enterprise online meeting(More)
Four endothelial cell clones derived from adult bovine aorta were examined with respect to their proliferative characteristics in vitro. Three of these clones, derived in the absence of fibroblast growth factor (FGF), displayed variable basal proliferative rates. One of these non-FGF derived clones grew at a maximal rate which could not be further enhanced(More)
AIM To explore nurse prescribing from the patient's viewpoint. METHOD This study was undertaken in one primary care group in Leicestershire. All prescribing health visitors (n = 17), district nurses (n = 9) and practice nurses (n = 1) were asked to recruit five patients for whom they had prescribed. Fifty patients took part in a telephone or face-to-face(More)
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