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Ecological value of retaining pyrophytic oaks in longleaf pine ecosystems
In examining the diversity of oak species found within longleaf pine ecosystems, this work identifies a group of pyrophytic oaks and shows that these oaks are critical components of sandhill and other longleaf Pine ecosystems, and their occurrence should be considered as part of conservation and restoration goals.
Cavity excavation and enlargement as mechanisms for indirect interactions in an avian community.
This study is the first demonstration of how experimental cavity manipulation can be used to test inferred processes derived from a nest web and highlights the need to understand how mechanisms underlying species interactions can complicate ecosystem responses to environmental change.
Lotic cyprinid communities can be structured as nest webs and predicted by the stress-gradient hypothesis.
It is demonstrated that nest webs can be useful in a variety of systems and that SEM can be a quantitative extension of this framework, and the SGH can be used to understand positive interactions in animal communities and can be extended to predict proportional representation of facilitating and beneficiary species in communities.
Cavity-Nest Webs in a Longleaf Pine Ecosystem
The cavity-nesting web dynamics documented in this study, including the role of large pine snags, Red-cockaded Woodpecker cavities in live pine, and excavating species within the community, can serve as a baseline for comparison to other southern pine forests.
Cavity-nesting community webs as predictive tools: where do we go from here?
A simple demonstration of how web visualization of cavity-nesting communities can enable the prediction of how community structure will shift when components are removed and identify non-intuitive indirect interactions within an ecological community is provided.
Experimental study of an avian cavity-nesting community: nest webs, nesting ecology, and interspecific interactions
This book presents a meta-analyses of the determinants of infectious disease in eight operation theatres and its consequences in eight countries over a 25-year period.
Factors Influencing the Diurnal Habitat Selection of Diadema antillarum on Two Reef Communities in Bocas del Toro, Panama
A positive relationship between size and exposure, but no relationship between levels of water action or depth with intraspecies aggregation is indicated, which may be useful for management of the species in the wake of future disturbances.
Studies of FAUNA at Eglin Air Force Base
Abstract : This report describes research conducted on vertebrate species of concern inhabiting the longleaf pine ecosystem on Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, during January 2001 through December