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Please note that this year begins a transition in the way RTE publishes the annotated bibliography. To accommodate an almost 30% increase in the size of the bibliography, we have published only the annotated entries in the print edition. The bibliography also lists, without annotation, a number of additional studies under each category. The full(More)
Identifying a student's instructional level is necessary to ensure that students are appropriately challenged in reading. Informal reading inventories (IRIs) purport to assess the highest reading level at which a student can accurately decode and comprehend text. However, the use of IRIs in determining a student's instructional level has been questioned(More)
At the University of Maryland School of Medicine, faculty and students are invited to participate in a programme dealing with the psychosocial aspects of medicine and interpersonal skills development (Human Dimensions in Medical Education-HDME). Utilizing a small-group format, this programme encourages discussion of attitudes and feelings on a wide range of(More)
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