Lori A. Batteli

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Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) are new materials with a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. However, their nano-scaled size and fiber-like shape render them respirable and potentially fibrogenic if inhaled into the lungs. To understand MWCNT fibrogenesis, we analyzed the pathologic and molecular aspects of the early phase response(More)
About 10 million industrial workers of both sexes are exposed to metal-working fluids (MWFs) via inhalation, skin or both. Our preliminary results, following dermal application of 200 microl of 50% unused (neat) semisynthetic MWF (pH 7 or pH 9.7) to the unshaved backs of 6-wk-old B6C3F1 mice, twice a week for 6 wk, produced significant increase in weights(More)
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