Loretta Harris

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Harris, L. (1973). Thorax, 28, 592-595. Comparison of cardiorespiratory effects of terbutaline and salbutamol aerosols in patients with reversible airways obstruction. The effects of pressurized aerosol administration of terbutaline were compared with those of salbutamol in 14 patients with at least 20% reversibility of airways obstruction. The two drugs(More)
Hematologic parameters were determined at capture and during captivity for nine-banded armadillos. Compared to the time of capture, the mean erythrocyte counts were significantly lower after 6 months in captivity. After 1 year in captivity, the mean hematocrit was significantly higher and the mean neutrophil count in males was significantly lower. Although(More)
Strabismus is a common clinical condition in which the visual axes of the eyes do not intersect on the object being viewed. As such, the ability to achieve single binocular vision by fusing the images of a single object in the two eyes is lost. In most cases of strabismus, one of the two eyes is clearly deviated and the other eye is used for fixation,(More)
GOALS The goal of this work was to determine if immediate versus postponed centrifugation of samples affects the levels of serum potassium. METHODS Twenty participants donated normal venous blood that was collected in four serum separator tubes per donor, each of which was analyzed at 0, 1, 2, or 4 hr on the Siemens Advia 1800 autoanalyzer. RESULTS(More)
Background: The purpose of this study was to compare a fast spin-echo sequence combined with a respiratory triggering device (R. trig. FSE) with conventional T2-weighted spin-echo (CSE) and inversion recovery (STIR) sequences for the detection of focal hepatic lesions. Methods: We performed a prospective study of 33 consecutive patients with known or(More)
The early experience of our unit with the technique of ipsilateral full thickness forearm skin grafting of the radial forearm flap donor site defect is described. The technique provides the advantages of a full thickness skin graft whilst avoiding the need to harvest skin from a remote area. We have compared the results with that of split skin grafts used(More)