Loreta Stasiulė

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Benefits of physical activity are undeniable. The aim of the present research was to determine the effects of physical activity and age on cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood, as well as changes in the functional parameters of the cardiovascular system, during stepwise increases in physical load for men employed in the same place, but with different(More)
Age-related changes in force and power associated with balance of women in quiet bilateral stance on a firm surface // HOMO : Journal of Mokslinės informacijos instituto duomenų bazės " ISI Web of Science " leidiniuose, neturinčiuose citavimo indekso biochemical and functional parameters for men during exercise // Open Medicine. Kituose Mokslinės(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of deep mineral water (DMW) with moderate mineralization on the recovery of physical performance after prolonged dehydrating aerobic exercise in the heat was studied in nine healthy, physically active (VO2max = 45.8 ± 8.4 mL kg(-1) min(-1)) women aged 24.0 ± 3.7 years. METHODS We conducted a randomized, double-blind,(More)
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