Loreta Fernandes

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The conditioning film developed on glass panels immersed in surface seawater over a period of 24 h was analysed for total organic carbon (OC), total organic nitrogen (ON), and total hydrolyzable amino acid (THAA) concentrations and composition. The concentrations of C and N and THAA increased, whereas the C/N ratio decreased over the period of immersion.(More)
An investigation into the use of organic, inorganic and synthetic adsorbents for the pretreatment of landfill leachate, generated by the City of Ottawa Trail Road Landfill, was carried out. The purpose of this project was to reduce the concentration of contaminants in order to meet the local Sewer Use By-Laws, prior to transporting the leachate from the(More)
The biodegradation of municipal solid waste (MSW) was investigated in simulated bioreactor landfills under aerobic conditions. The bioreactors were operated to determine the amount of leachate recirculation and municipal wastewater sludge addition required to optimize waste degradation. The leachate generated was recycled over 47 weeks, leachate samples(More)
Cannabis is one of the most available and consumed illicit drug in the world and its identification and quantification in biological specimens can be a challenge given its low concentrations in body fluids. The present work describes a fast and fully validated procedure for the simultaneous detection and quantification of ▵9-tetrahydrocannabinol (▵9_THC)(More)
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