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Fast electrons produced by a 10 ps, 160 J laser pulse through laser-compressed plastic cylinders are studied experimentally and numerically in the context of fast ignition. K(α)-emission images reveal a collimated or scattered electron beam depending on the initial density and the compression timing. A numerical transport model shows that implosion-driven(More)
Energy loss in the transport of a beam of relativistic electrons in warm dense aluminum is measured in the regime of ultrahigh electron beam current density over 2×10^{11}  A/cm^{2} (time averaged). The samples are heated by shock compression. Comparing to undriven cold solid targets, the roles of the different initial resistivity and of the transient(More)
We present experimental and numerical results on intense-laser-pulse-produced fast electron beams transport through aluminum samples, either solid or compressed and heated by laser-induced planar shock propagation. Thanks to absolute K(α) yield measurements and its very good agreement with results from numerical simulations, we quantify the collisional and(More)
Controlling the divergence of laser-driven fast electrons is compulsory to meet the ignition requirements in the fast ignition inertial fusion scheme. It was shown recently that using two consecutive laser pulses one can improve the electron-beam collimation. In this paper we propose an extension of this method by using a sequence of several laser pulses(More)
In an experiment at the laser facility ECLIPSE of the CELIA laboratory, University of Bordeaux, we measure the reflectivity of spherically bent crystals that are commonly used to investigate the propagation of fast electrons through the Kα radiation they generate in matter. The experimental reflectivity compares well with predictions from a ray-tracing code(More)
Optimization of a Biotechnological Process for Production and Purification of Two Recombinant Proteins: Col G and Col H Lorenzo Volpe, Monica Salamone, Anna Giardina and Giulio Ghersi* Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Biologiche, Chimiche e Farmaceutiche (STEBICEF),viale delle Scienze ed.16 Abiel S.r.l. consorzio Arca, viale delle Scienze ed.16(More)