Lorenzo Pesce

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BACKGROUND Data from the general population show higher prevalence of different anxiety disorders in women as compared with men. We analysed gender differences in a naturalistic sample of outpatients with anxiety disorders in a mental healthcare setting. METHOD Routine outcome monitoring data were collected from 1333 patients (age: 18-65; 63.3% women)(More)
Primate feeding behavior is characterized by a series of jaw movement cycles of different types making it ideal for investigating the role of motor cortex in controlling transitions between different kinematic states. We recorded spiking activity in populations of neurons in the orofacial portion of primary motor cortex (MIo) of a macaque monkey and, using(More)
Two polynomial expansions of the time-evolution superoperator to directly integrate Markovian Liouville-von Neumann (LvN) equations for quantum open systems, namely the Newton interpolation and the Faber approximation, are presented and critically compared. Details on the numerical implementation including error control, and on the performance of either(More)
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