Lorenzo Panella

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Tumor-induced osteomalacia is an osteomalacic syndrome caused by a mesenchymal origin's tumor. The diagnostic procedure takes time and extensive investigations because of the characteristics of these tumors usually small dimensioned, slowly growing, non-invasive and therefore hard to locate. The differential diagnosis is determined by a bone biopsy. Tumor's(More)
The lowering number of physiotherapists c/o surgery departments of Orthopaedic Institute Gaetano Pini of Milan, required the application of a new organizational model based on the centralization of government activities, in order to optimize employment of staff. A programming and reporting tool was developed throught a database. The collected data (from(More)
INTRODUCTION The knee is the most frequent location for osteosarcoma (60%). Until 30 years ago patients with osteosarcoma were treated with an amputation of the affected limb; today 85% of these cases are treated with a "Limb Salvage" procedure, through replacement of the affected bone with a mega prosthesis implant. AIM To measure functional recovery of(More)
[Purpose] To quantitatively assess the effect of a personalized rehabilitation protocol after knee megaprosthesis. [Subject and Methods] The gait patterns of a 33-year-old male patient with knee synovial sarcoma were assessed by a computerized analysis before and after 40 rehabilitation sessions. [Results] The rehabilitation protocol improved the gait(More)
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