Lorenzo Menichetti

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We studied the responses of soil microbial biomass, respiration and enzyme activities to temperature in three Mexican soils. Soils were incubated at temperature range of 15–550 °C at 50 (wet) and 10 % (dry) of their water holding capacity. Soils were assayed for their adenosine triphosphate (ATP) content, CO2-C evolution and acid and alkaline(More)
The Ultuna long-term soil organic matter experiment in Sweden (59′82° N, 17′65° E) was started in 1956 to study the effects of different N fertilisers and organic amendments on soil properties. In this study, samples were taken from 11 of the treatments, including unfertilised bare fallow and cropped fallow, straw with and without N addition, green manure,(More)
Changes in the 12C/13C ratio (expressed as δ13C) of soil organic C (SOC) has been observed over long time scales and with depth in soil profiles. The changes are ascribed to the different reaction kinetics of 12C and 13C isotopes and the different isotopic composition of various SOC pool components. However, experimental verification of the subtle isotopic(More)
Extramatrical mycelia (EMM) of ectomycorrhizal fungi are important in carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycling in forests, but poor knowledge about EMM biomass and necromass turnovers makes the quantification of their role problematic. We studied the impacts of elevated CO2 and N fertilization on EMM production and turnover in a Pinus taeda forest. EMM C was(More)
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