Lorenzo Magnani

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Our brains make up a series of signs and are engaged in making or manifesting or reacting to a series of signs: through this semiotic activity they are at the same time engaged in " being minds " and so in thinking intelligently. An important effect of this semiotic activity of brains is a continuous process of " ex-ternalization of the mind " that exhibits(More)
First of all I will illustrate in this paper that some typical internal ab-ductive processes are involved in chance discovery and production (for example through radical innovations). Nevertheless, especially concrete manipulations of the external world constitute a fundamental passage in chance discovery: by a process of manipulative abduction it is(More)
— What I call theoretical abduction (sentential and model-based) certainly illustrates much of what is important in abductive reasoning, especially the objective of selecting and creating a set of hypotheses that are able to dispense good (preferred) explanations of data, but fails to account for many cases of explanations occurring in science or in(More)