Lorenzo Lepore

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Enhancin is a Trichoplusia ni granulovirus protein that facilitates nucleopolyhedrovirus (NPV) infections in lepidopterans. Gel filtration and ion exchange chromatography and immobilized alpha-macroglobulin were used to purify this protein and the removal of the contaminating proteases did not diminish the in vivo or in vitro activity of enhancin. Metal(More)
The language Hi(DL-LiteR) is obtained from DL-LiteR by adding meta-modeling features, and is equipped with a query language that is able to express higher-order queries. We investigate the problem of answering a particular class of such queries, called instance higher-order queries posed over Hi(DL-LiteR) knowledge bases (KBs). The only existing algorithm(More)
Ontology-based data access (OBDA) is a novel paradigm for accessing large data repositories through an ontology, that is a formal description of a domain of interest. Supporting the management of OBDA applications poses new challenges, as it requires to provide effective tools for (i) allowing both expert and non-expert users to analyze the OBDA(More)
Recent OBDA projects have pointed out that one of the drawbacks of OWL 2 is the lack of metamodeling and metaquerying capabilities, i.e., features for specifying and reasoning about metaconcepts and metaproperties [1]. Roughly speaking, a metaconcept is a concept whose instances can be themselves concepts, and a metaproperty is a relationship between(More)
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