Lorenzo Leonini

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This paper presents SPLAY, an integrated system that facilitates the design, deployment and testing of largescale distributed applications. Unlike existing systems, SPLAY covers all aspects of the development and evaluation chain. It allows developers to express algorithms in a concise, simple language that highly resembles pseudocode found in research(More)
Gossip-based protocols provide a simple, scalable, and robust way to disseminate messages in largescale systems. In such protocols, messages are spread in an epidemic manner. Gossiping may take place between nodes using push, pull, or a combination. Push-based systems achieve reasonable latency and high resilience to failures but may impose an unnecessarily(More)
For most users, Web-based centralized search engines are the access point to distributed resources such as Web pages, items shared in file sharing-systems, etc. Unfortunately, existing search engines compute their results on the basis of structural information only, e.g., the Web graph structure or query-document similarity estimations. Users expectations(More)
Popular search engines essentially rely on information about the <i>structure</i> of the graph of linked elements to find the most relevant results for a given query. While this approach is satisfactory for popular interest domains or when the user expectations follow the main trend, it is very sensitive to the case of ambiguous queries, where queries can(More)
Search engines essentially rely on the structure of the graph of hyperlinks. Although accurate for the main trend, this is not effective when some query is ambiguous. Leveraging semantic information by the mean of interest matching allows proposing complementary results that are tailored to the user’s expectations. This paper proposes a collaborative search(More)
Splay is an integrated system that facilitates the complete chain of distributed systems evaluation, from design and implementation to deployment and experiments control. Algorithms are expressed in a concise, yet very efficient, language based on Lua. Implementations in Splay are highly similar to the pseudo-code usually found in research papers. Splay(More)
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