Lorenzo L Pesce

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BACKGROUND The emergence of precision medicine allowed the incorporation of individual molecular data into patient care. Indeed, DNA sequencing predicts somatic mutations in individual patients. However, these genetic features overlook dynamic epigenetic and phenotypic response to therapy. Meanwhile, accurate personal transcriptome interpretation remains an(More)
Two polynomial expansions of the time-evolution superoperator to directly integrate Markovian Liouville-von Neumann (LvN) equations for quantum open systems, namely the Newton interpolation and the Faber approximation, are presented and critically compared. Details on the numerical implementation including error control, and on the performance of either(More)
The goal of this work was to define the contributions of intrinsic and synaptic mechanisms toward spontaneous network-wide bursting activity, observed in dissociated rat hippocampal cell cultures. This network behavior is typically characterized by short-duration bursts, separated by order of magnitude longer interburst intervals. We hypothesize that while(More)
A principal goal of this work is to determine connectivity in cultured neuronal networks as they mature so that we can understand the relationship between connectivity and behavior in biologically generated neuronal networks. A challenge of this aim is that we are able to measure only a relatively small number of neurons. In our lab the cultures are grown(More)
Primate feeding behavior is characterized by a series of jaw movement cycles of different types making it ideal for investigating the role of motor cortex in controlling transitions between different kinematic states. We recorded spiking activity in populations of neurons in the orofacial portion of primary motor cortex (MIo) of a macaque monkey and, using(More)
Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) is a new imaging modality for breast imaging. In tomosynthesis, multiple images of the compressed breast are acquired at different angles, and the projection view images are reconstructed to yield images of slices through the breast. One of the main problems to be addressed in the development of DBT is the optimal(More)
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