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In ubiquitous environments migratory interactive applications allow users to perform their tasks continuously across various devices. Users can push and pull migratory Web applications from one device to another for various reasons. However, the flexibility of such pervasive applications raises various security issues, such as the risk of theft of private(More)
Haruspex is a suite of tools that assesses ICT risk through a scenario approach. Each scenario includes the target system and some threat agents that compose the attacks enabled by the system vulnerabilities to reach some predefined goals. The suite applies a Monte Carlo method with multiple simulations of the agent attacks against the target system. The(More)
The Haruspex suite is an integrated set of tools that adopts a scenario approach to automate ICT risk assessment and management. Each scenario includes an ICT infrastructure under attack by some intelligent attackers with some predefined goals. An attacker can reach its goals only by sequentially composing the attacks. This overcomes the infrastructure(More)
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