Lorenzo Iannini

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The paper deals with the Atmospheric Phase Screen issue in Ground Based SAR interferometry. The ku-band RADAR used, the " IBIS " by IDS, is capable to continuously image scenes of a few square kilometers with a repeat interval that ranges from a small fraction of a second (in unfocused mode), up to a few minutes (in focused SAR mode). Such features allowed(More)
—In this paper we face one of the main issues in Ground-Based radar applications, i.e. the evaluation and removal of the atmospheric phase screen (APS). The time-varying delay statistics are assessed by means of both radars and meteo simulated datasets and are critically interpreted with particular reference to the entailed compensation issues. A(More)
—In this work, a numerical method optimizer based on Covariance Matching is proposed for SAR polarimetric calibration. The method makes use of the information provided by a Distributed Target and a Corner Reflector in order to jointly estimate the system polarimetric distortion parameters and the Faraday Rotation. A preliminary analysis is conducted to show(More)