Lorenzo Ferrante

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Eyeblink classical conditioning (EBCC) is an important tool in the study of learning, memory, and aging, but few longitudinal data have been collected on EBCC in humans of any age. Our aim was to determine if EBCC would remain stable across time. Fifteen subjects with an initial mean age of 83.2 years ("old-old") were tested three times in just over 2(More)
An important problem in analyzing flow cytometry DNA measurements, especially for tumor samples, is the presence of background noise, mainly resulting from cellular debris. Several models have been proposed for subtracting this contribution from DNA content histograms. In the present paper we propose a model for background debris distribution based on a(More)
Conflicting views regarding synthetic pesticides include the successful use as pest management tools for agriculture and forestry on one hand and the threats to components in the environment. Likewise, the residues from agriculture and forestry create a waste disposal problem, but are a potential bio-resource to be profited from. This abundant biomass can(More)
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