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BACKGROUND SF-12 Health Survey, and European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of life Questionnaire-C30 are the two main questionnaires proposed and validated for assessing the quality of life in chronic pancreatitis. AIMS To evaluate the role of the information furnished by both the SF-12 Health Survey and European Organisation(More)
The aim of this paper was to review the data existing in the English literature on the quality of life in patients who undergo surgical resection of the pancreatic gland either for benign or for malignant diseases. MEDLINE, Web of Science, and ScienceDirect were browsed in order to select the data existing in the literature on quality of life and pancreatic(More)
In recent years, a number of articles have been published on the treatment of acute pancreatitis in experimental models and most of them concerned animals with mild disease. However, it is difficult to translate these results into clinical practice. For example, infliximab, a monoclonal TNF antibody, was experimentally tested in rats and it was found to(More)
Chronic pancreatitis is a benign disease often characterized by recurrent episodes of abdominal pain accompanied by progressive pancreatic exocrine and endocrine insufficiency, and it sometimes requires multiple hospitalizations [1]. The disease is frequently the result of chronic alcohol abuse, even if, recently, other etiological factors have been(More)
CONTEXT The usefulness of stool calprotectin determination in diagnosis of inflammatory disease of the colon has been reported; information about its usefulness for patients with polyposis are scarce, however. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the significance of stool calprotectin concentrations for patients affected by colonic polyposis. PATIENTS Sixty-three(More)
BACKGROUND Pancreatic serous cystic tumors are considered to have a benign biological and clinical course with only few malignant cases. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed data from 26 patients affected by serous cystic tumors consecutively observed in our Pancreas Unit. We explored the different clinical pictures in operated and nonoperated patients. (More)
BACKGROUND Fecal calprotectin determination has been demonstrated to be useful in diagnosing various inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; however, data available for patients with pancreatic diseases are scarce. Our aim was to assess fecal calprotectin in order to evaluate the presence of intestinal inflammation in patients with pancreatic(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Human exhaled breath contains many molecules either present as gases or occurring in a soluble form in the vapor of the breath. This study was designed to evaluate the substances present in the exhaled breath of chronic pancreatitis (CP) patients. SUBJECTS Thirty-one consecutive CP patients (11 with exocrine insufficiency) and 31 healthy(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the adhesion molecule time course in the early phases of acute pancreatitis and to explore the usefulness of these proteins in assessing the severity of the disease. Fifteen consecutive acute pancreatitis patients (10 patients with the mild and 5 with the severe disease) admitted to the hospital within 6 hours after the onset of pain(More)
In an era such as the present one in which there is a high demand for health services with the associated pressure of controlling spending, health care organizations are concerned about the cost-effectiveness of quality improvement interventions. On the other hand, the impact of the disease and the treatment on the patient's overall well-being and(More)