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Energy breakdown analysis for the vehicular powertrain. Model for road vehicles simulation in different missions. Implemented powertrain management strategies: intelligent gearbox, Stop&Start, free wheel. Innovative hybrid powertrain turned to engine thermodynamic cycles minimization. Evaluation of fuel savings associated to each management strategy.(More)
Simulation is the best tool used to predict the behavior of real world systems. For the analysis of complex systems, simulation is often used prior to the operation of the system as a mediator for a dynamic situation. This chapter presents the issue of complex systems simulation through Discrete Event Simulation (DES) and System Dynamics (SD) techniques.(More)
This contribution present a real life application of a content management web application for mobile devices that is able to interact with the working environment, providing in real time simulations and helpful information about risky objects and support implementation of the appropriate procedures to follow when certain risky situations may occur. This(More)
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