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A cytogenetic monitoring study was carried out on a group of workers in clinical analysis laboratories to investigate the risk of occupational exposure to chronic low levels of chemicals.Thirty-four clinical laboratories have been involved in the study. In these laboratories, toxicants and analytical procedures utilized have been characterized. The(More)
This paper proposes a complete solution for the design and modeling of a switched-capacitor rotary traveling wave voltage controlled oscillator. The main point of the proposed methodology is to get a unique simulation and modeling environment, so we have focused on EDA tools interoperability. As a result, we get a complete flow for a 14.35 GHz VCO design(More)
This paper presents the design methodology, simulation and measurement results of a CMOS 12GHz Rotary Travelling Wave Voltage Controlled Oscillator. The different simulations (electrical using SPICE and electromagnetical using HFSS) are presented. These results are compared to a theoretical approach and measurements. The oscillator has been fabricated in a(More)
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