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—This paper proposes a novel pixel-based system for the supervised classification of very high geometrical (spatial) resolution images. This system is aimed at obtaining accurate and reliable maps both by preserving the geometrical details in the images and by properly considering the spatial-context information. It is made up of two main blocks: 1) a novel(More)
This paper presents a novel support vector machine classifier designed for sub-pixel image classification (pixel/spectral unmixing). The proposed classifier generalizes the properties of SVMs to the identification and modeling of the abundances of classes in mixed pixels by using fuzzy logic. This results in the definition of a fuzzy-input fuzzy-output(More)
—Although underestimated in practice, the small/un-representative sample problem is likely to affect a large segment of real-world remotely sensed (RS) image mapping applications where ground truth knowledge is typically expensive, tedious, or difficult to gather. Starting from this realistic assumption, subjective (weak) but ample evidence of the relative(More)
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