Lorenzo Bottaccioli

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New approaches and business models for the development of renewable sources are needed as an alternative to feed-in tariffs. In this work, we present a tool-chain based on a distributed infrastructure for planning renewable energy systems deployment. This solution aims at fostering new services and business models by promoting energy community actions. Such(More)
Energy efficiency and energy consumption awareness are a growing priority for many countries. Among the large variety of methods proposed by energy scientists and professionals to evaluate building energy consumption, a widely adopted approach is the energy signature. Since the energy data easily scale towards very large datasets, the problem of(More)
Innovative technologies such as ICTs are recognized as being a key player against climate change and the use of sensors and actuators can efficiently control the whole energy chain in the Smart Thermal Grids at district level. On the other side, advances on 3D modelling, visualization and interaction technologies enable user profiling and represent part of(More)
Due to the increasing penetration of distributed generation, storage, electric vehicles and new ICT technologies, distribution networks are evolving towards the Smart Grid paradigm. For this reason, new control strategies, algorithms and technologies need to be tested and validated before their actual field implementation. In this paper we present a novel(More)
Nowadays, the adoption of renewable energy sources distributed across the city is crucial for planning and developing the future Smart City. An accurate simulation and modelling of energy sources, such as Photovoltaic Panels (PV), is necessary to evaluate both economical and environmental benefits. With the growth of renewable sources in the city(More)
In recent years, the research about energy waste and CO2 emission reduction has gained a strong momentum, also pushed by European and national funding initiatives. The main purpose of this large effort is to reduce the effects of greenhouse emission, climate change to head for a sustainable society. In this scenario, Information and Communication(More)
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