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Acknowledgement I would like to thank my supervisor Prof. Dr. Ulrich Killat for giving me the chance to work in his department on the given topic and for various technical and non-technical discussions. I owe him lots of gratitude for generously supporting my research. I would like to thank all colleagues of the department " Communication Networks " of the(More)
The paper discusses various system aspects of future aeronautical services via satellite. Both, commercial aeronautical broadband satellite communications (AirCom) for passengers and air traffic management (ATM) are considered. An integrated global system design approach is presented, and key R&D issues along this path are discussed. Some focus is laid on(More)
Satellite based Air Traffic Management (ATM) and In-Flight Internet (IFI) services surely are among the most important ones that will be offered to airlines in the long term. In the design of any communication and security system, high performance must be paid for with high system costs. It is then clearly important, under the business case and technical(More)
In this paper we provide an estimation of the net satellite capacity needed to reliably offer In-Flight Internet services to aircraft flying in the North-Atlantic region. For this work we took into account the expected dynamic usage of AirCom (Aeronautical Communications) Internet services, the average aircraft' cabin configurations and the characteristics(More)