Lorenzo Aparo

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Quantum interferometry uses quantum resources to improve phase estimation with respect to classical methods. Here we propose and theoretically investigate a new quantum interferometric scheme based on three-dimensional waveguide devices. These can be implemented by femtosecond laser waveguide writing, recently adopted for quantum applications. In(More)
Photons are the ideal carriers of quantum information for communication1,2. Each photon can have a single or multiple qubits encoded in its internal quantum state, as defined by optical degrees of freedom such as polarization, wavelength, transverse modes and so on3,4. However, as photons do not interact, multiplexing and demultiplexing the quantum(More)
The main features of quantum mechanics reside in interference deriving from the superposition of different quantum states. While current quantum optical technology enables two-photon interference both in bulk and integrated systems, simultaneous interference of more than two particles, leading to richer quantum phenomena, is still a challenging task. Here(More)
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