Lorenzo Altieri

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A review of the published nursing leadership research from 1983 to 1993 is presented. The review identifies three categories of research: predicting leadership, leadership development, and leadership effectiveness. Comparisons are made with a previous research review. Recommendations for future research include the relationship between leader and follower,(More)
The therapeutic approaches used against scrofula in the 19th Century in Ferrara are discussed. In the manuscripts and treatises of the time treasured in the town's libraries, hygienic and dietetic rules and treatment of this illness were described. In particular, baths and mineral water spas (sulphurous, ferruginous and other mineral waters, such as a(More)
Health interventions against smallpox during the two epidemics in the second half of the 19th century are outlined. The 1871 hospital health report and the medical report on smallpox patients treated at the hospital and poorhouse of Ferrara between January 1891 and January 1892, drawn up by Alessandro Bennati, provide both interesting data and insights into(More)
PURPOSE To support evidence-based practice for infant health promotion by determining mothers' preferences among eight clinical intervention strategies. METHOD A sample of 138 mothers of 4-month-old infants who received care through a county health department used a card sort method to rank order intervention strategies and identified advantages and(More)
The authors carried out an observational study for the years 1867-1874 on the morbidity of children from Ferrara suffering from scrofula, sent to marine hospices for sea bathing treatment. A total of 490 cases (250 F, 240 M) were studied in relation to the following variables: age, sex, forms of scrofula, years and outcome. In particular, the present work(More)
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