Lorenza Tizzani

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Canker stain, caused by the fungus Ceratocystis platani, is a destructive disease in Platanus spp. It has been recently proved that resistant accessions can be produced and grown in Europe. However, additional resistant genotypes are still needed in order to avoid the onset of virulent pathogen strains favoured by the selection pressures exerted by(More)
In the yeast Kluyveromyces lactis, the pyruvate decarboxylase gene KlPDC1 is strongly regulated at the transcription level by different environmental factors. Sugars and hypoxia act as inducers of transcription, while ethanol acts as a repressor. Their effects are mediated by gene products, some of which have been characterized. KlPDC1 transcription is also(More)
In Kluyveromyces lactis, Rag3 regulates both fermentative metabolism and thiamine biosynthesis. Regulation of fermentation is exerted at the level of transcription of KlPDC1. We have isolated and identified a mutation of the transcription factor KlGCR1, Klgcr1-1, which suppressed the fermentative-deficient phenotype associated with the RAG3 deletion. In the(More)
Plant receptor-like kinase (RLK/Pelle) family regulates growth and developmental processes and interaction with pathogens and symbionts. Platanaceae is one of the earliest branches of Eudicots temporally located before the split which gave rise to Rosids and Asterids. Thus investigations into the RLK family in Platanus can provide information on the(More)
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