Lorenza Moreno

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A microprocessor-based digital control laboratory course has been developed at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The microprocessor controller interfaces directly to an analog computer. The introduction of the microprocessor in a closed-loop system allows great flexibility in the types of algorithms that can be used in stand-alone controllers. Some(More)
A time-optimal control algorithm based on a microprocessor and using the bang-bang approach is presented. By using this approach a very reliable, easy to operate controller, can be implemented. The main features of the method are the absence of algebraic operations and the way of obtaining the derivative of the error signal.
The iCLEF 2004 experiment at the University of Alicante has focused on how to assist users in the localization of the correct answer in passages written in a language different from the one of the query. The language of the users is Spanish and the language of the documents/passages English. In order to help users, a first system shows, together with the(More)
Petrobras produces nearly 90 percent of Brazil’s oil at about 80 offshore oil platforms. It transports approximately 1,900 employees daily between these platforms and four mainland bases, using more than 40 helicopters that vary in capacity, operating costs, and performance characteristics. Each day, flight planners must select the helicopter routes and(More)
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