Lorenza Gonzalez-Mariscal

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Extracellular Ca2+ triggers assembly and sealing of tight junctions (TJs) in MDCK cells. These events are modulated by G-proteins, phospholipase C, protein kinase C (PKC), and calmodulin. In the present work we observed that 1,2-dioctanoylglycerol (diC8) promotes the assembly of TJ in low extracellular Ca2+, as evidenced by translocation of the(More)
BACKGROUND The tight junction (TJ) regulates the passage of ions and molecules through the paracellular pathway. In multicellular organisms, epithelial sheets function as a barrier between a variety of environments and the internal media. Therefore, TJs are required to control the passage of diverse molecules in different epithelia. The mammalian nephron(More)
The zonula occludens (ZO)-2 protein links tight junctional transmembrane proteins to the actin cytoskeleton and associates with splicing and transcription factors in the nucleus. Multiple posttranslational modifications control the intracellular distribution of ZO-2. Here, we report that ZO-2 is a target of the SUMOylation machinery and provide evidence on(More)
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