Lorenza Gallo

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With nuisance mosquito species, the goal of integrated pest management is to keep mosquito density below a tolerance level that is often set by economic, ecological, and political factors. This study compares actual human annoyance, as measured by a phone survey, with several measures of mosquito abundance, in order to determine a threshold that is both(More)
A global and local discussion on Public Health relevance is taking place, including the future role and organization of its services. Noteworthy becomes the role played by Public Health Specialists. This work presents the results of a workshop, carried out following the Guilbert methodology, whose aim was to define Public Health Doctors functions and their(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of asthma, a common disorder in childhood, is often estimated by cross-sectional studies based on questionnaires, with the drawback that estimates are limited to certain age groups and areas. The use of electronic health data is increasingly allowing researchers to overcome these limitations. This study is aimed at assessing asthma(More)
Two recent legislative acts (D.P.C.M. 29.11.2001 and D.G.R. Veneto n. 2093, issued 02.08.2002) give to Local Health Authorities responsibility over surveillance of disinfestations activities. Authority over the implementation of these actions remains with the municipalities. Another legislative act (D.G.R. Veneto 3015) established the creation of a task(More)
The Po Valley (Northern Italy) has elevated levels of air-pollution due to various sources of pollution and adverse weather conditions. This study evaluates the short-term effects of exposure to particulate matter with a diameter of 10 microns or less (PM10) on asthma symptoms in school-aged children. An initial cross-sectional survey was conducted in the(More)
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