Lorenz Schwachhöfer

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By a special symplectic connection we mean a torsion free connection which is either the Levi-Civita connection of a Bochner-Kähler metric of arbitrary signature, a Bochner-bi-Lagrangian connection, a connection of Ricci type or a connection with special symplectic holonomy. A manifold or orbifold with such a connection is called special symplectic. We show(More)
This article is an overview of the results obtained in recent years on symplectic connections. We present what is known about preferred connections (critical points of a variational principle). The class of Ricci-type connections (for which the curvature is entirely determined by the Ricci tensor) is described in detail, as well as its far reaching(More)
It is proved that the Lie groups E (5) 7 and E (7) 7 represented in R 56 and the Lie group E C 7 represented in R 112 occur as holonomies of torsion-free affine connections. It is also shown that the moduli spaces of torsion-free affine connnections with these holonomies are finite dimensional, and that every such connection has a local symmetry group of(More)
Given the Euclidean space R 2n+2 endowed with a constant symplectic structure and the standard flat connection, and given a polynomial of degree 2 on that space, Baguis and Cahen [1] have defined a reduction procedure which yields a symplectic manifold endowed with a Ricci-type connection. We observe that any symplectic manifold (M, ω) of dimension 2n (n ≥(More)
The real form Spin(6, H) ⊂ End(R 32) of Spin(12, C) ⊂ End(C 32) is absolutely irreducible and thus satisfies the algebraic identities (40) and (41). Therefore, it also occurs as an exotic holonomy and the associated super-manifold M g admits a SUSY-invariant polynomial. This real form has been erraneously omitted in our paper. Also, the two real(More)