Lorenz Schneider

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We obtain the Maximum Entropy distribution for an asset from call and digital option prices. A rigorous mathematical proof of its existence and exponential form is given, which can also be applied to legitimize a formal derivation by Buchen and Kelly [4]. We give a simple and robust algorithm for our method and compare our results to theirs. Finally, we(More)
Presented here are two important devices that cannot be modeled accurately and/or tractably by a single simulation technique. Simulation flows to address each device are presented. The first is a patterned Light Emitting Diode (LED), the optical modeling of which requires a mixed-level simulation approach combining FDTD (or RCWA) and Ray Tracing. The second(More)
The storage of fluctuating energy production is a major challenge on the pathway to a fully renewable electricity supply. This paper investigates the role of Power-toGas (PtG) as a key storage technology in the fulfilment of the Energiewende. This study describesthe optimal composition and application of energy supply technologies using a detailed cost(More)
This paper examines emerging industries that exhibit positive network effects. We put forward a dynamic model in which two technologies compete to be the standard. The model provides a quantitative method for the valuation of firms. We use the model to examine the relationship between network effects, consumer heterogeneity, and prices. We show that the(More)
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