Lorenz Romaner

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During the last years, self-assembled organic nanostructures have been recognized as a proper fundament for several electrical and optical applications. In particular, phenylenes deposited on muscovite mica have turned out to be an outstanding material combination. They tend to align parallel to each other forming needlelike structures. In that way, they(More)
The electronic structure of mixed self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on Au(111) surfaces is modeled using slab-type density-functional theory calculations. The studied molecules have a dipolar character induced by polar and electron donating or accepting tail-group substituents. The resulting electronic structure of mixed layers is found to differ(More)
The electronic structure of metal-organic interfaces is of paramount importance for the properties of organic electronic and single-molecule devices. Here, we use so-called orbital overlap populations derived from slab-type band-structure calculations to analyze the covalent contribution to the bonding between an adsorbate layer and a metal., we present(More)
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