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This article presents a systematic quantitative performance analysis for large finite element computations on extreme scale computing systems. Three parallel iterative solvers for the Stokes system, discretized by low order tetrahedral elements, are compared with respect to their numerical efficiency and their scalability running on up to 786 432 parallel(More)
In this minisymposium we focus on optimal control problems, which constitute an important class of PDE-constrained optimization problems. There are many PDEs which can act as the constraints within the problem, such as Stokes-type equations, PDEs with a time-dependent component, and many others – consequently there is considerable potential for applications(More)
For broadband radar applications in the W-Band or beyond we present a frequency multiplier-by-twelve millimeter-wave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC). The measured 3-dB output bandwidth ranges from 77 to 106 GHz, i.e. a relative bandwidth of 31.7%. The active technology allows an overall maximum conversion gain of 3.8dB with a maximum output power of(More)
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