Lorenz Jager

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Anxiety disorders are highly prevalent in patients with alcohol use disorder. The purpose of the present study was to examine the neural correlates of behavioral inhibition in alcohol-dependent patients (ICD-10: F 10.2), and in healthy controls and to determine the influence of anxiety on these processes. Therefore, behavioral responses (reaction times;(More)
Liver-based gene therapy approaches demonstrated that high-capacity adenoviral vectors (HC-AdVs) can persist life-long in mice and for 2 years or longer in rats, dogs, and nonhuman primates. However, the molecular status of episomal HC-AdV DNA molecules and the mechanism of vector genome maintenance have not been analyzed. HC-AdV lacks all viral coding(More)
High-capacity adenoviral vectors (HC-AdVs) lacking all viral coding sequences were shown to result in long-term transgene expression and phenotypic correction in small and large animal models. It has been established that HC-AdVs show significantly reduced toxicity profiles compared with early-generation adenoviral vectors. Furthermore, with capsid-modified(More)
Recent drawbacks in treating patients with severe combined immunodeficiency disorders with retroviral vectors underline the importance of generating novel tools for stable transduction of mammalian cells. Substantial progress has been made over the recent years which may offer important steps towards stable and more importantly safer correction of genetic(More)
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