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Does organizational design of supreme audit institutions matter? A cross-country assessment
This is the first study that assesses the economic effects of differences in organizational design of supreme audit institutions (SAIs) on a cross-country basis. The effects on three groups ofExpand
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The economic effects of federalism and decentralization—a cross-country assessment
This paper explores the idea that institutional details matter and that attempts to estimate the economic effects of federalism by employing a simple dummy variable neglect potentially importantExpand
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Improving Credibility by Delegating Judicial Competence - the Case of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
It is argued that government credibility is an important resource and that it can be improved by delegating decision-making competence beyond the nation-state. It is hypothesized that such delegationExpand
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The Economic Effects of Human Rights
Economists are often skeptical concerning the economic effects of various forms of human rights: it has been argued that basic human rights can make the legal system less efficient but also thatExpand
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The Economic Effects of Constitutional Budget Institutions
There is a well-established literature analyzing the effects of fiscal institutions on fiscal policy variables such as budget deficits or accumulated government debt. We combine this literature withExpand
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Federalism and Decentralization - A Critical Survey of Frequently Used Indicators
The economic effects of federalism are unclear: some papers find that federalism has strong positive effects on a number of economically relevant variables, others find negative effects. The resultsExpand
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Supreme Audit Institutions: Supremely Superfluous? A Cross Country Assessment
This is the first study that assesses the economic effects of supreme audit institutions (SAIs) on a cross country basis. Drawing on two distinct sources (a survey carried out by the InternationalExpand
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The economic effects of local authority mergers: empirical evidence for German city regions
Cooperation of neighbouring local authorities in the provision of regional public goods can be efficiency enhancing due to economies of scale, a better realisation of fiscal equivalence or dynamicExpand
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Patterns of Social Capital in West German Regions
Social capital is often defined as consisting of trust and postmaterialist values on the one hand, and social networks on the other hand. This article examines how different governance modes such asExpand
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